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Oil Industry Feedback


"Thanks you for your assistance in logging our recent exploration well here in Vietnam. As far as I am concerned the application of your Tool Taxi and hole Finder is a game changer for wireline logging. This my first experience of running your equipment and I have to say I am mightily impressed. Over the course of 5 days logging to 5800mMD at 55 deg tangent angle, 5 separate logging runs including the usual high risk logs of MDT and MSCT, the logging tools went in and out more or less trouble free on every run. Admittedly we had SBM on our side and a stable wellbore, but still to have this amount of trouble free logging over this period of time is outstanding. Of particular interest to me was the capability to orientate the pressure sensing tools to the high side for clean pressure sensing and easy drop off after taking pressures. This is something that is of high value in a deviated wellbore in my opinion. And all of this was done without a wiper trip either before or during the extensive logging program. I am not renown for offering glowing praise, but this is one of those rare occasions where it is due. For sure we will be using your equipment again at every opportunity."

Bob Miller, Drilling Superintendent, Talisman Vietnam Limited, October 2014



"Kea Petroleum recently utilised the Petromac Conveyance System to undertake three OH logging runs in a 55deg inclined hole. Due to drilling problems, the hole was in poor condition with significant cuttings beds and a severe low-side washout. All three tool runs, including the MDT, reached TD. Without the Petromac system, we would have most certainly not got the tools past the washed out section, and missed our zone of interest."

Hamish Gordon, Exploration manager, KEA petroleum, July 2014 



"The new Petromac Conveyance System is by far the best tool we’ve used to date to assist in onshore Taranaki OH-logging. With classic S style, high angle wells; some approaching 60degrees, we’ve always struggled to get to bottom with the tool-string and that’s even after a quality wiper trip. With the Petromac hole finder and tool taxi wheels, those problems are effectively gone. Cuttings on the low-side of the hole from typical Miocene sediments, ledges borne about from borehole breakout, you name it…no problems! Best of all, down the first time and out soon after equals saved time and saved money."

Carey Davis, TAG Oil Exploration & New Ventures Manager, October 2013


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