a PARADIGM change for the industry

Engineered for open-hole and focused on optimising log data quality, the Petromac conveyance system* is “best-in class”

  • The option to run any wireline tool, with confidence, in high angle wells.

  • Improve the mechanics of wireline logging with auxiliary devices - eliminate tool hold-up, reduce logging tension, prevent tool “stick-slip” and differential sticking

  • Optimise log data quality with setup and orientation.

The conveyance system* has been specifically developed to address the limitations of wireline logging in challenging open-hole conditions.
Obstructions formed by ledges, washouts and cuttings debris are easily navigated and conventional wireline logging is feasible in very high angle wells. High logging tensions, tool stick-slip and differential sticking are virtually eliminated with resulting gains in operational efficiency. 
The system enhances log data quality with tool sensors run in the optimal configuration and orientation. Sampling can be undertaken from the “undamaged” high side of the wellbore.
*International Patent Application | Copyright © 2015 Petromac Limited

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